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Financial & Asset Management

Financial & Asset Management // Financial Actuary

Optimind Winter

The great variability of the financial markets for over 10 years is making legislators, businesses and employees aware of the need to better take into account the risks inherent to financial assets.

For institutional investors, many changes have been revealed in recent years (new regulatory and tax standards, challenging economic conditions, competitive dynamics, etc.). The optimization of asset allocation, control of financial risks, asset/liability interactions, as well as the selection and evaluation of one’s financial partners can provide real benefits in terms of competitiveness.

Our services: Financial & Asset Management //

To meet these challenges, Optimind Winter offers its institutional clients a financial actuarial service focused on assets and ALM (asset liability management) issues.

Registered as a Financial Investment Adviser (FIA) with ORIAS, Optimind Winter has developed technical expertise as an independent asset management consultant in order to provide customized investment solutions.

Optimind Winter provides you with financial actuarial assistance //

In order to support its institutional clients in controlling the level of risks inherent to assets while preserving their yields and providing an external perspective, Optimind Winter has, through its various experiences, acquired a specific approach for financial audits, regulatory calculations, risk control and optimization of asset allocation from our R & D (research and development) in particular.

The support we provide to chief financial officers, treasurers and investment executives is the added value of Optimind Winter teams, and it lies in:

  • business expertiseacquired by financial actuaries with significant experience both in the financial markets and in insurance and banking;
  • a high level of knowledgethrough training, in order to share with you the results of our R & D.

Optimind Winter proposes the FAM - Financial & Asset Management – service which comprises financial skills consistent with all Optimind Winter services: Actuarial Consulting, Social Protection, Risk Management, Financial Performance and Business Transformation and Digital.

Some actual results //

Following different operations with our clients, tangible results have been recorded through:

  • Relevant risk indicators which enable better responsiveness and facilitate management decisions
  • Automated and detailed asset performance reporting
  • Increased performance of the asset portfolio
  • Lower SCR market costs
  • Better mitigation of market shocks
  • Optimized management fees

Intervention line


Our services dedicated to financial assets and ALM issues include, for example:

  • Performance audit and mapping of the asset risks
  • Asset optimization consultancy
  • Revision or establishment of financial risk indicators
  • Audit and control of management mandates
  • Establishment of active databases
  • Support for bids from asset managers
  • Classification table of asset managers by type of management


  • Calculation of asset provisions
  • Accounting reconciliation
  • Establishment of regulatory reports in SI and SII
  • Modelling, calculation and optimization of SCR market
  • SCR evaluation for structured products
  • Transparency on UCITS (Undertakings for the Collective Investment in Transferable Securities)

ALM //

  • ALM studies
  • Consultation on strategic/tactical allocation under liability constraints and Solvency 2
  • Development of hedging programs
  • Cash flow optimization
  • Establishment of economic scenario generators


  • Identification of assets related risks in results
  • Measurement of financial assets (simple or derivative products)
  • Understanding the assets in terms of Solvency 2
  • Application of the principle of diversification and portfolio optimization