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Business firms
YOUR BUSINESS AREA //Business Firm : on your side to manage social welfare issues
Medium or large small businesses are facing an economic and social climate coupled with tax and regulatory pressure in an increasingly competitive world. Social welfare systems must protect employees and be balanced in order to ensure their financial sustainability.

Delivering customized services to all business firms

Recognized expert in Social Protection in France, Optimind Winter is the key provider for enterprises (SMEs and large companies) in their structural projects related to human resources.

Social Welfare one of Optimind Winter's historical core businesses. Our consultants are mainly dedicated to the support of subscribers' group insurance contracts: companies, branches, pension funds, public services and group business. We advise our clients about social communication, especially about employee benefits.

Our consultancy services in Social Welfare services protection aim to serve all stakeholders concerned, particularly the human resources divisions departments, administrative and financial departments and employee representatives.