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Optimind Winter

Our main goals : improve knowledge, share expertise and spread best professional practices within our consulting teams

Business oriented PCOW mainly cover the technical issues and ensures product issues monitoring.

Cross-functional PCOW aims to develop and share methodological skills of our consultants across all our businesses particularly through operational researches. They also ensure our accounting and regulatory monitoring tasks.

All Optimind Winter managers and consultants contribute to 1 or 2 PCOW allowing them either to enlarge the field of their expertise on new subjects, or to strengthen their expertise by handing down it to other members and more generally to the rest of the company.

Optimind Winter invests in its Practice by doing its best to develop and sustain our know-how, promoteknowledge sharing and spread best professional practices within our teams.

The Optimind Winter's Practice //

Organized so as to cover an array of needs related to our interventions, OW Practice is built around 10 Expertise & Knowledge Centers - PCOW (Pôles de Compétences Optimind Winter), involving:

  • Products & Information System expertise and business know-how regarding product issues and regulatory monitoring

  • Operational research and skills improvement of our consultants to cover the whole scope of our businesses.

PCOW and enhancement of expertise //

Composed of 10 to 20 managers and consultants with various levels of seniority, these centers:

  • Ensure regulatory monitoring, follow the specialized press and identify emerging issues,
  • Study the impacts of risk management processes reforms and product offers,
  • Participate in our R&D and innovation efforts,
  • Contribute to the added value provided by our consultants all along their intervention and enable them to get an expert and methodological support,
  • Contribute to the preparation of our professional publications, events and ongoing training.

Practice Leaders – facilitators – members //

Each PCOW is managed by a Practice Leader which is the liable of the work done and the Optimind Winter’s spokesman of professional practice in the Expertise & Knowledge Center’s field of intervention. Assisted or not by a facilitator, the Practice Leaders oversee its PCOW members and has a significant leeway scope in the organization of their work.