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Employee Benefits
OUR ACTIVITIES //Employee Benefits
Employee Benefits one of Optimind Winter's historical core businesses. Our consultants are mainly dedicated to the support of subscribers' group insurance contracts: companies, branches, pension funds, public services and group business.

Pierre-Alain Boscher // Department Manager - Employee Benefits


Social commitments

Optimind Winter

- Audit of actuarial valuations of social commitments
- Software for evaluating social commitments
- Outsourcing of social commitments

Receiving support from experts to manage one’s social commitments //

In a complex and often highly technical regulatory and accounting framework, managing social commitments in relation to employee benefits requires strong expertise.

Optimind Winter acts on behalf of companies in the assessment and recognition of social liabilities under French / IFRS (IAS 19) / USGAAP (FAS 158) accounting standards.

LASER, the IT solution for conducting an actuarial assessment of one’s social liabilities //

Optimind Winter provides its clients with actuarial IT solutions by offering, in particular, LASER software, simulation actuarial software and pension’s assessment software.
LASER is a piece of software that assesses commitments for termination payments due on retirement: retirement, seniority benefits and other schemes. It calculates the costs of schemes and simulates methods of financing them in compliance with accounting standards in force. LASER is intended for the administrative, financial, accounting or compensation & benefits services of businesses and insurance companies. The software equips approximately 200 customers including:

  • companies for which social commitments realised are covered by statutory auditors or consulting actuaries;
  • insurers selling contracts for the outsourcing of social liabilities.

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