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Employee Benefits
OUR ACTIVITIES //Employee Benefits
Employee Benefits one of Optimind Winter's historical core businesses. Our consultants are mainly dedicated to the support of subscribers' group insurance contracts: companies, branches, pension funds, public services and group business.

Pierre-Alain Boscher // Department Manager - Employee Benefits


Consultancy and employee benefits assistance

Optimind Winter

Our consultancy services in Employee Benefits services protection aim to serve all stakeholders concerned, particularly the human resources divisionsdepartments, administrative and financial departments and employee representatives.

Our experts at your service //

We help you to understand and control your welfare, health, benefits, retirement, employee savings and social liabilities measures (retirement benefits, severance benefits, service awards, time savings account, etc.).

To that end, we pledge to support you with a range of skills: actuarial services, HR communication, training, administrative management, software, etc.

Social protection consultancy: our areas of action //

Our consultancy services in social protection cover all your projects: designing a new system, development, selection of insurers, management development, technical management, annual negotiations, administrative management, and information and employee awareness.

Adapted and customised solutions are developed to meet the specific needs of our customers, around four main areas of intervention:

  • Optimizing your schemes: thereby reconciling your social goals and your economic constraints
  • Controlling your plans: to ensure that they are sustainable and stable
  • Managing your coverages: effectively and safely
  • Communicating: to make social employee benefitsprotection understandable and attractive

Our teams are acting together to hold a constructive debate between all stakeholders in this sector of activity (managers, union representatives, lawyer, insurers, supervisory agencies and government departments). In this context, Optimind Winter is actively participating in national debates on the future of social protection in France and related developments, in particular as a partner member of the Scientific Steering Committee of the Institute of Social Protection.