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Risk Management
OUR ACTIVITIES //Risk Management
While ensuring the implementation of permanent monitoring in the face of emerging risks, our Risk Management experts assist you to secure your business: identification, assessment and treatment, monitoring and risk management.

Dan Chelly // Department Manager - Risk management Insurance

Alain Le Corre // Department Manager - Risk management Bank


Risk management governance and strategy

Optimind Winter

Risk governance must combine with the overall governance of your organisation while ensuring the fluidity required for effective decision making. It is in this context that we work with you to define the most relevant organisational schemes and all formalised processes to ensure easy control and management of suitable warnings.

Personalised assistance in risk management governance and strategy //

In risk management governance and strategy, Optimind Winter provides all its expertise through personalised support.

Our involvement is also intended to integrate ORSA – Own Risk and Solvency Assessment – systems into decision-making processes. It is essential to consider ORSA as a complementary tool that contributes to this decision-making using different projections produced.

ERM - Enterprise Risk Management - approach //

The ORSA process is the perfect example of an integrated ERM approach suitable for insurance. It is nevertheless also a "best practice" for other sectors of activity.

In terms of the ERM approach, we apply the market standards: ISO 31000 and COSO framework.

In risk management strategy, we are regularly involved with governance to help identify strategic risks, assess methods for analysing scenarios and define actions needed to better address them.

Securing governance //

Finally, to secure this decision-making, we support you in the implementation and monitoring of management systems for conflicts of interest and “fit and proper” aspects.