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Risk Management
OUR ACTIVITIES //Risk Management
While ensuring the implementation of permanent monitoring in the face of emerging risks, our Risk Management experts assist you to secure your business: identification, assessment and treatment, monitoring and risk management.

Dan Chelly // Department Manager - Risk management Insurance

Alain Le Corre // Department Manager - Risk management Bank


Operational risks

Optimind Winter

In operational risk management, Optimind Winter provides all its expertise through personalised support in defining methodology, organisation, deployment and the running of your systems.

Operational risk management has become essential for limiting the risks incurred by any organisation. A structured approach makes it possible to better apprehend them, treat them and limit their effects.

Implementation and management of your system //

Our risk management experts work alongside you to establish an operational risk management system based on:

  • a robust but pragmatic framework,
  • a process for identifying and assessing risks (mapping)
  • the implementation of an event database and actual incident analysis,
  • definition and monitoring of key risk indicators (KRI),
  • detailed analysis of major operational risks through analyses of potential scenarios supporting work on the ORSA,
  • the establishment of reports and dashboards required to manage these risks, etc.

Since operational risks cannot, by definition, be managed without strong support from businesses, we ensure strong commitment on the part of representatives within the organisation by ensuring a dedicated network of correspondents.

Finally, to encapsulate this system in a dedicated tool, we are involved in assisting the implementation of GRC – Governance, Risk, Compliance – tools to support these approaches, from configuration workshops to deployment assistance to " business-oriented " user training.