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Risk Management
OUR ACTIVITIES //Risk Management
While ensuring the implementation of permanent monitoring in the face of emerging risks, our Risk Management experts assist you to secure your business: identification, assessment and treatment, monitoring and risk management.

Dan Chelly // Department Manager - Risk management Insurance

Alain Le Corre // Department Manager - Risk management Bank


Fraud, insurance fraud

Optimind Winter

In the fight against fraud, Optimind Winter contributes its expertise and experience in conducting dedicated assignments by defining a detailed route map.

Custom-made assistance in defining and implementing the mechanism for combating fraud //

Optimind Winter assists its clients in defining and implementing the most appropriate system for combating fraud, as well as strengthening their internal control system inherent in the fight against fraud.

We believe that an effective system for combating fraud results from a subtle blend of control and deterrence. Moreover, it is essential to first build on existing controls and enhance the company’s culture in this field.

There is also a need to rely on internal tools and database to identify fraud cases/scenarios in order to apprehend them. In addition, it is important to be able to define alert management and define what action to take as soon as suspicions are raised.

Implementation and deployment of system for combating fraud //

Alongside its clients, Optimind Winter determines the system for combating fraud with the aim of meeting the following objectives:

  • Increase awareness and control the risk of internal and external fraud in targeted areas
  • Develop pro-active management to fight against external fraud and abuses
  • Develop tools for detecting and analyzing situations of fraud
  • Ensure a ROI of actions undertaken

That is why we tackle the key issues in a system for combating fraud during its deployment, while relying on operational and pragmatic processes.

Finally, while managing change, we also strive to ensure that stakeholders in the system are involved: a key factor in the success of an efficient system.

System for combating fraud //