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Risk Management
OUR ACTIVITIES //Risk Management
While ensuring the implementation of permanent monitoring in the face of emerging risks, our Risk Management experts assist you to secure your business: identification, assessment and treatment, monitoring and risk management.

Dan Chelly // Department Manager - Risk management Insurance

Alain Le Corre // Department Manager - Risk management Bank


Crisis management - Business continuity plan - BCP -

Optimind Winter

In the area of Crisis management – Business continuity plan (BCP), Optimind Winter offers all its expertise in conducting assignments which, beyond the regulatory aspect, ensure the sustainability of the company. 

Our support //

Our risk management teams and experts support you at the implementation stage to ensure:

  • That critical activities or processes are identified
  • That business-line impacts are analysed
  • The operational implementation of the Business Continuity Plan
  • The training of employees
  • That simulation exercises are defined and completed.

Crisis management and the business continuity plan, BCP //

Crisis management and business continuity plan must be supported by dedicated functions but also by internal expertise which is deployed depending on the nature of the crisis. The crisis unit then forms the central hub between governance that makes decisions and operational teams that implement them.

Leaving aside basic scenarios involving unavailability of people, information systems and premises, we recommend the analysis of certain realistic scenarios which comprise occasionally complex combinations of these basic scenarios (flooding of a river, pandemic, etc.).