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Risk Management
OUR ACTIVITIES //Risk Management
While ensuring the implementation of permanent monitoring in the face of emerging risks, our Risk Management experts assist you to secure your business: identification, assessment and treatment, monitoring and risk management.

Dan Chelly // Department Manager - Risk management Insurance

Alain Le Corre // Department Manager - Risk management Bank



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As the company becomes increasingly judicialized with the recent introduction of group actions (French class actions), compliance with laws and regulations has taken a new dimension.

Supporting the compliance and monitoring function //

The implementation of a compliance and monitoring function firstly requires linking with other internal control system functions to ensure overall consistency. It also involves the definition of a non-compliance risk framework which the activity is exposed to. This framework should remain accessible and scalable.

It is also necessary to ensure systematic and formalised regulatory monitoring to allow the impacts of any major developments to be analysed.

Fighting against money-laundering and customer protection //

Beyond these unknowns, which are represented in the diagram below, the compliance function should be able to manage risks requiring specific expertise. Anti-money-laundering and combating the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) is part of this, as is the surveillance of customer protection mechanisms and monitoring of the list of non-authorised countries.

In terms of AML/CFT, we seek to assess exposure to this risk through mapping that takes into account and meets your client groups, your products, your distribution channels and the different types of operations realised. We also work with you to define necessary action plans and support you in their implementation.