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Finance & Performance
OUR ACTIVITIES //Finance & Performance
Finance & Performance department assists financial institutions (insurance companies, banks and social protection groups) in their transformation projects affecting supply and networks, Finance & Risks functions, analysis and management of performance and business processes.

Transformation of service and of networks

Optimind Winter

Supporting financial institutions in the transformation of their skills supply and networks, in establishing a single, omnichannel and multi-device customer relationship.

Financial institutions confronted with societal developments //

The financial crisis that began in 2008 in the United States when the high-yield mortgages bubble burst – those mortgages carrying a significant default risk (the famous subprimes) – had a profoundly damaging effect on the trusting relationship between financial institutions and their customers.

In addition, the digital revolution that is currently transforming our daily lives is particularly reflected by the generalisation of connected objects and its corollary, namely the questioning of traditional forms of interaction between financial institutions and their customers. As a result, financial institutions need to reconsider their processes and customer relationship tools in view of customers’ new aspirations, expectations and needs, as regards financial products and insurance.

This crisis of confidence associated with the revolution of digital habits suppose that insurance, banking and social protection groups are having to transform their services and distribution networks – sometimes dramatically.

Supporting our experts dedicated to financial institutions //

The Finance & Performance team at Optimind Winter assists financial institutions in the transformation of their services and distribution networks:

  • Adjustment of services and networks to new uses and consumer needs in this fully digital era: optimisation of distribution networks, specialisation of agencies, adjustment of services to better meet customer expectations: affinity services, development of new products such as the base use of insurance, insurance contracts via euro growth or socially or environmentally responsible financial products.
  • Transformation tools and processes for customer relations: convergence of distribution channels to implement a single, omnichannel and multi-device customer relationship; creation of dashboards and monitoring indicators for trading activities and equipment for each client, offering a broad vision to the company's divisions and departments.