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Finance & Performance
OUR ACTIVITIES //Finance & Performance
Finance & Performance department assists financial institutions (insurance companies, banks and social protection groups) in their transformation projects affecting supply and networks, Finance & Risks functions, analysis and management of performance and business processes.

Optimisation of business processes

Optimind Winter

How does one reconcile improving operational efficiency while meeting growing customer expectations in terms of customisation, quality and responsiveness of service?

Department managers faced with a new paradigm //

Department managers in charge of management (premiums, commissions and benefits) or the middle and back office are facing a new paradigm.

Financial institutions must optimize their business processes to meet two partly contradictory challenges: strengthening the perceived quality of service with a view to winning customer loyalty (reducing banking and insurance attrition) while improving operational efficiency in order to reconstruct margins which have been under pressure for almost a decade.

Pragmatic and proven solutions to optimize department processes //

The involvement of consultants exclusively dedicated to the insurance, banking and social protection sectors means that our Finance & Performance team is able to provide pragmatic and proven solutions to optimize business processes:

  • Engineering and redesign of business processes across the value chain, from the contracting and management of contracts to claims and complaints.
  • Digitalisation of business processes: electronic document management (EDM) and implementation of "paperless" processes.
  • Design and implementation of systems for managing data quality throughout the business process, offering a broad vision to the company.
  • Analysis and enhancing of operational efficiency through the design and implementation of dashboards and key performance indicators shared by the different departments of the company.

Optimizing back-office performance //

To sustainably optimize back-office performance, these different systems for measuring and managing data quality and operational efficiency should cover all the business processes of financial institutions, in order to facilitate the emergence of process-based company management (in replacement of traditional management by business unit, department or division).