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Finance & Performance
OUR ACTIVITIES //Finance & Performance
Finance & Performance department assists financial institutions (insurance companies, banks and social protection groups) in their transformation projects affecting supply and networks, Finance & Risks functions, analysis and management of performance and business processes.

Analysis & management of performance

Optimind Winter

Construction of a central control device around a multi-standard, multi-activity analysis of performance.

In the face of the dual phenomenon of increased competitive pressure and challenges to their traditional business model – phenomena resulting in margin erosion – financial institutions have launched ambitious plans to strengthen and better manage their operational performance.

Now, stakeholders from insurance, banking and social protection are looking to manage their performance using multi-standard and multi-activity indicators, but analyses are being conducted into financial, actuarial, risk-based and business issues relating to financial or insurance products.

Design and implementation of dashboards and key indicators for monitoring and performance analysis //

With the organisation of the company (for example: reports by business unit or homogeneous set of products) and with report obligations (indicators established for each legal entity, for example), shedding light on strategic decision-making and activity-monitoring actions. 

Design and implementation of multi-standard control systems //

Multi-standard (French standards / IFRS / Solvency 2 / intrinsic value) and multi-activity (welfare, health, savings, protection of property and persons, loan insurance, collective/individual and mass market/high-end contracts) indicators and dashboards.

Implementation of systems and process of optimizing allocation of equity capital //

Optimisation and control of allocation of equity capital at the level of subsidiaries, business lines, even products (capital planning). The challenge for financial institutions is now that of controlling the allocation of equity capital – a scarce and expensive resource – in the light of forecasts concerning profitability and the capital cost of activities and products.

Design and implementation of tools and processes for analysing and distributing overheads (costing tools and processes).