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Digital transformation, Big Data, Digital Analytics strategy

Optimind Winter

The digital transformation of insurance companies and banks is growing rapidly. Companies have a strategic interest in positioning themselves to support these corporate changes.

The changes brought with this digital transformation are taken into account by all involved based on their line of business, practices, history and corporate culture. The digital strategy developed with this transformation is particular to each business context. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach; each one is adapted and scalable.

Analysis of needs: a crucial stage prior to digital transformation //

Any digital strategy requires the reconciliation of existing technologies with technological innovations and companies’ various needs; a Big-Bang-style approach is not feasible.

Providing support in developing a digital strategy and the associated business plan require knowledge of the company’s work, environment and ecosystem by incorporating the regulatory and legal aspects. With such awareness a strategy can be broken down into efficient and suitable action plans.

Our digital strategy support //

Optimind Winter’s privileged position at the heart of its customers’ work means it has a firm command of the world of insurance and banking. We support our current and prospective customers as they develop their digital strategy by providing our full expertise and taking into account the various aspects and challenges of digitalisation:

  • Customer relations and experience
  • Distribution and sales channels
  • Brand and position
  • Products and services

The various services associated with digital transformation //

A digital strategy paves the way for digital transformation in a company. Optimind Winter supports its customers by providing the following services:

  • Management seminars
  • Assistance with the development of digital strategies
  • Design and effective breakdown into action plans
  • Incorporation of new organisations, functions and specialist skills
  • Support with changes and training

Digital strategies and data development are the key aspects of the support provided by Optimind Winter for this digital transformation to be a success.