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Data development

Optimind Winter

Insurance groups and banks possess a great deal of data which is collected as part of their activities. This data is often confined and managed within each company profession or process. Optimind Winter advises you on your digital strategy to optimise the use of your digital data.

Digital company to increase the quantity of available data //

  • Collection of additional data on insured persons or property
  • Digitalisation of all of the company's processes involving the creation of new data
  • Gathering of data from social media
  • Use of open data

At an individual level, these items of data represent the raw material of insurance companies and banks. They take an extra dimension when they can be analysed, aggregated and put into perspective with new tools, models and algorithms.

Multiplying the volume of data associated with the variety and rate of provisioning forms the basis of Big Data.

Process for the development of digital data //

Optimind Winter, the French leader in actuarial services and risk management, anticipates a major development in the recognition, use and development of data from the digital sector in the professional working practices of insurance and banking.

The digital sector, which is close to the traditional professions of Optimind Winter, connects existing and new specialist knowledge to implement the following objectives with our customers:

  • Better use of the wealth of information in the data held
  • Qualification of the data to be gathered, acquired, stored and provided so as to anticipate new uses and practices
  • Incorporation of a Big Data strategy for the use of the mass of digital data
  • Design and implementation of new algorithms for processing and predictive analytics
  • Transition to a data-driven perspective to analyse and develop the products and services of tomorrow.

Our support system //

Our value proposition translates into the implementation of experimental projects upstream of industrial deployment:

  • Assistance with the selection of use cases to test
  • Organisation of projects in agile mode
  • Selection of internal and external data to match
  • Testing and implementation of new algorithms for processing and predictive analytics
  • Assistance with the choice of tools suitable for experiments
  • Implementation of use cases in collaboration with teams
  • Identification of project success criteria

Optimind Winter's expertise serves our clients to support the evolution and mutation of the insurance and banking sectors in this digital transformation.