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Business Transformation
OUR ACTIVITIES //Business Transformation
Our Business Transformation department works to ensure that consultancy services are of a high standard by selecting each of their resources

Arnaud Cadon // Department Manager - Business Transformation

Bertrand Pitavy // Department Manager - Business Transformation


Process stage and management

Optimind Winter

Managing a company’s processes primarily provides it with better operational knowledge of its chain of activity: the company has pragmatic, concrete and effective mapping of all of its processes, enabling it to improve awareness of its risks in real time.

It is also a force for improving many other points, such as better management of its outsourced activities.

The experts in our Business Transformation department help you to manage your processes //

The regulatory environment reinforces the need for perfect management of the processes: the ORSA Own Risk and Solvency Assesment stage is an excellent illustration of this since, in this context, the ACPR reviews the effectiveness of the risk management systems.

Our quantitative and qualitative process methodology //

Our team of expert consultants in the insurance business and certified Lean management operate in line with our quantitative and qualitative methodology for better processes:

  1. Diagnosing the existing situation: the purpose of this step is to identify omissions and redundancies in the actions and controls undertaken by the various actors in a particular process. Metrics of process performance are created during this step.
  2. Defining a transformation plan that describes the target, streamlined and optimised processes of your chain of activity. This work is first and foremost theoretical and is quickly shared with frontline workers to ensure the plan is assigned before finalisation.
  3. Reorganising the activity in line with the described processes: operational implementation of the target process is carried out with the help of teams concerned as part of support measures for the change adapted, ensuring proper management of the process.
  4. Checking the benefits obtained against forecasts: this assessment of the chain of activity is carried out later on according to operational and economic priorities or even compliance and risks.

Our consultants communicate appropriately when working with the operational teams, guaranteeing a successful and constructive assignment. They are also proficient in the market modelling tools (Aris, Mega, Xmind or Office Suite).

Process Modelling //
Case study

 Project - Procedures management convergence project

Client - An insurance company

Context - Harmonisation of management procedures

  • Taking existing procedure into account, within two distinct entities
  • Harmonisation recommendations and modelling of associated procedures
  • Distribution of procedures and presentation to management teams


  • Gap analysis using existing procedures
  • Drafting a document of recommendations
  • Drafting of target procedures
  • Handling the target presentation to teams

Client benefits

  • Simplification and harmonisation in the management of these two entities
  • Optimisation of existing business processes