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Business Transformation
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Our Business Transformation department works to ensure that consultancy services are of a high standard by selecting each of their resources

Arnaud Cadon // Department Manager - Business Transformation

Bertrand Pitavy // Department Manager - Business Transformation


Electronic payroll reporting (DSN)

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Simplifies the administrative procedures of private sector companies by replacing all existing social declarations (annual declarations of social data, consolidated declarations of social security contributions, etc.).

Electronic payroll reporting is a real force for improving and optimising our insurance clients' work processes, and represents a major strategic challenge which measures up to any general management’s ambitions.

Electronic payroll reporting: an opportunity not to be missed! //

Here are the most typical drivers identified by our experts:

  • Monthly information processing and withdrawal of annual salaries for adjustment contributions. These salaries, which do not have any added value, significantly hamper the flexibility of insurers at the start of each year.
  • The ability to better understand your customers through monthly use of all data in the electronic payroll reporting. Get to know your customers better so as to advise them more effectively and consequently gain their loyalty.
  • The ability to offer new services to businesses. Premium calculations can now be made directly by the insurer rather than by the company. The income statements are more reliable and accurate.

Tailored support to speed up your project //

By managing the NEODES standard on which the electronic payroll reporting is based, our consultants take responsibility for the assignments you entrust to us.

  • Study of opportunities and assessment of return on investment: we work to identify innovative solutions for achieving rapid gains (quick-wins) as part of a medium-term development plan.
  • Responsibility for assignments related to the implementation of the electronic payroll reporting in your information system (IT System): we put to use our expert knowledge of the NEODES standard to facilitate ownership by the internal MOE and MOA teams. Our role is also to ensure the proper implementation of a project as project leaders.
  • Managing change: even though this is technical because it sometimes requires substantial IT projects, the implementation of the electronic payroll reporting affects a large number of stakeholders in the company and therefore means that the changes implemented have to be managed. Our expertise in the insurance business guarantees that you will receive this support in collaboration with the internal project teams.

Electronic payroll reporting //

Case study

Project:development of a new system for receiving electronic payroll reporting flows

Customer - A pension institution

Context - Implementation of an electronic payroll reporting block fulfilling the following functions:

  • Receipt, storage and control of electronic payroll reporting
  • Update of an electronic payroll reporting database
  • Dissemination of information in the IT applications


  • Definition of temporary and target processes
  • Writing up of general functional specifications (GFS) and detailed functional specifications (DFS)
  • Writing up of technical implementation dossiers
  • Costing of expenses and creation of implementation plan
  • Monitoring and management of project


  • Simplification of management of social declarations benefits                
  • Optimisation of business processes in management