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Actuarial Services
OUR ACTIVITIES //Actuarial Services
At the core of our risk management activities, actuarial services is the leading industry-specific expertise proposed by Optimind Winter to its customers.

Marie-Catherine Sarraudy // Department Manager

Gildas Robert // Department Manager


Prospective and financial actuarial services

Optimind Winter

Our actuarial and financial expertise enables us to support our customers in the design and development of their prospective models, the production of their prudential reports, risk quantification and their asset/liability studies. This expertise includes both Solvency 2, IFRS and Embedded Value credentials.

Our fields of operation //

Prospective models

  • Design of risk models: mapping of products and guarantees and definition of risk models adapted to Solvency 2
  • Design, development, recipe and documentation of prospective models for all market tools (Prophet Moses, SAS, Matlab, etc.)
  • Construction of economic scenario generators (ESG)

Internal models

  • Definition of calibration and modelling methodologies
  • Design, development, recipe and documentation of the internal model
  • Independent review of internal models

Quantitative processes

  • Calculation and certification of Embedded Value
  • Guidance on Solvency 2 quantitative processes: development of Model Points, construction of assumptions and parameters, results analysis, compilation of reports
  • Optimisation and industrialisation of processes: data quality, acceleration and anticipation of processes, automation
  • Support in the context of the integration of computational solutions and reports

Asset/liability studies

  • Completion of asset/liability studies to define strategic allocation
  • Analysis and optimisation of financial assets representing technical commitments
  • Modelling of financial strategies: fixed, tunnel, flow matching, mixed.

Implementation of risk management systems

  • Defining the risk profile and strategy for risk management
  • Formalizing governance and processes for risk management
  • Establishment of ORSA (Own Risk and Solvency Assessment) measures: design models, conducting assessments, assistance in formalizing policy and ORSA reports