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Actuarial Services
OUR ACTIVITIES //Actuarial Services
At the core of our risk management activities, actuarial services is the leading industry-specific expertise proposed by Optimind Winter to its customers.

Marie-Catherine Sarraudy // Department Manager

Gildas Robert // Department Manager


Actuarial function and inventory

Optimind Winter

From the actuarial reserving to the full exercise of the actuarial function //

Solvency 2 places the actuarial function at the heart of the system for the governance of insurance bodies. Beyond the provisioning typically under the actuarial reserving, the actuarial function must also provide an opinion on the underwriting policy of the insurer.

Optimind Winter’s experiences in the field enable our consultants to provide expert operational assistance in the actual inventory: support for provisioning work in different prudential and accounting standards, provisioning review, analyses of results and margins, etc. Our teams also provide our customers with the best view of market practices in terms of methods and tools.

Underwriting risk control //

Control of the underwriting risk involves, in the exercise of the actuarial function, the implementation of an underwriting policy and, where appropriate, a risk transfer policy tailored to the company’s objectives.

Optimind Winter’s skills make it possible to consider a variety of operations to assist the head of the actuarial function in the definition of its role and in its application. From the design of the actuarial report to the implementation and structuring of the review work, Optimind Winter provides pragmatic operational consultancy. Our operations can thus cover a broad spectrum ranging from the provision of specific expertise on certain aspects relating to the exercise of the function to the management and subcontracting of work concerning the actuarial function.

The data quality //

In order to ensure the establishment of technical provisions appropriate to the nature and intensity of risks, the actuarial function must also be able to rely on accurate, complete and relevant data. The implementation of a data quality process for the insurer is a real challenge which often requires a dedicated project to be set up.

By relying on many successful experiences regarding data quality, Optimind Winter offers its clients expert and broad-ranging support and a true market vision.